Couponing in College

As a college student, saving money is one of the biggest dilemmas because there are so many bills, and they have to spread out the money to cover all the bills. There are so many pressures on college students today, from balancing a hefty class schedule to counting the last nickels and dimes. To alleviate the financial burden, students get part-time jobs for extra cash. In some cases, parents are unable to help the students pay the bills, and so students are left on their own to pay the balance. As the amount of tuition continues to increase, and the money continues to decrease. In addition to tuition, students have to account for their daily expenses such as personal care, cell phones, food and laundry. Occasionally, students like to attend to their wants. By factoring in the wants, the budget tightens more. It is important that all college students learn how to save money by using coupons. Coupons can be found in newspapers and online and can help the students on budgets.

Students should look everywhere for coupons because they make saving money easier, and saving becomes a priority. They could start by looking at the Sunday paper, yet, the internet is the mainstream way of searching, but a physical newspaper is just as resourceful. Usually, newspapers have local grocery store ads with coupons in them. They are useful because college students often make trips to the store for food along with buying snacks and convenient food. In newspapers, there are coupons for granola bars, breakfast biscuits and microwaveable foods which are very common purchases for a college student. These coupons could help students save money for their meals. Moreover, there are also coupons for hygiene products such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and contact lens solution. Usually, the name brands of hygiene products are more expensive, so students may not have money to purchase these brands.  Students should collect coupons for these items to prevent overspending. In addition, students need to be aware of expiration dates that are located on the bottom of the coupons, so they know when the coupons are valid. As well as physical coupons, students can use virtual coupons to save money.

Cell phones are constantly in the hands of college students, so they should put them to work. In their free time, students could look at popular websites for online coupons. For example, college students have many projects, so they need supplies. They could look on Staples’ or Michael’s for potential discounts because it is always good to stock up on paper, colored pencils and pens. These items are not cheap, by any means, so it is important to save money whenever possible. This method is convenient due to the fact that coupons can be scanned directly from a phone or printed out.

Students can look for coupons once a week. First, they can cut out the newspaper coupons, and then print out the virtual coupons. After, students can categorize coupons by expense such as food, hygiene and supplies Students can create piles for all of the categories, and then use a sticky note tab to label the piles. Subsequently, they can paperclip each set of coupons together. Finally, students can put all sets of coupons in a safe place like a pouch or wallet. When students go the store, they can carry their pouch or wallet of coupons.

This essay is for the Dealspotr contest.


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